Track Point. Trading Leads.



We assist our partners in setting up various types of brokerage and sales offices and provide all necessary instruments for successful operations, including lead generation.

We offer unique terms for our partners, that allow them to generate highest levels of ROI. This goes both for our partner brokers and our partner affiliates.

We work on pre-payment basis. You determine price and CRG, we pay it upfront! You will not see this offer anywhere else!

We monitor our partners VoiP, PSP, CRM and all other important elements that affect Conversion Rate.

Working with us is as transparent and reliable as it can be. “Shaving” is impossible since we pay upfront and you will receive all statuses in LIVE, directly from our partner broker’s CRM.

We own a network of brands and partner with various other networks of brokers. Our work model allows us to directly affect the work processes of partners that will be working on our traffic.


Easy start


We meet on the Internet or meeting in life.

Choosing a GEO, a payment method and agreeing on a deadline.



We place an order for 100 Leads, pay-prepay for the first 10, so we check if the affiliate really starts traffic, or disappears with a prepayment.

We issue partner access to our traffic distribution system and perform API integration.



As soon as we receive 10 Leads and make sure that they are real (not Bases), we immediately, on the same day, send a prepay for 50 leads. By this way we check if the affiliate can give the agreed volume or 10 leads per day is his maximum limit.


After receiving 50 Leads in the agreed time period, we will pay the rest and most likely make a new, much larger order with a prepayment.

After successfully receiving and processing 100 products, we whitelist the affiliate, work with him and recommend him to other traffic buyers.